How Daycare Supports Socialization In Children

How Daycare Supports Socialization In Children

The social development we have as children prepares us for success through our entire lives. Daycare is an excellent place to begin social development and help socialize your children in a safe and supportive environment. By attending a daycare center, your children will learn, practice, and refine basic social skills so they have a solid foundation later in life.

Why Socialization Is Important For Early Childhood Development 

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of socialization for children. A recent study conducted over the span of 20 years found that the social skills someone developed during early childhood education are carried throughout their lifetime and lead to a greater chance of success in adulthood. There are also many ways parents can support socialization, one of the most important being interaction with their peer groups. Daycare centers help facilitate social interaction between children of similar ages as well as younger and older children.

Social Skills Daycare Helps Develop

There are a number of social skills children will practice at daycare, including how to: 

• Share and take turns

• Introduce yourself and make new friends

• Be part of a team and work together with others

• Communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs to others

• Solve problems, compromise, and resolve conflicts

• Cooperate and include others

• Deal with separation anxiety by interacting with your peers

These skills can also help them when they reach school age. They give them valuable experience with other children. They help reduce stress and anxiety when they attend school for the first time.

Daycare Staff Supports Socialization

In order for your child to receive the benefits of socialization at daycare, the staff must encourage positive social interactions. They should plan activities and games that foster working, playing, and learning together. Before choosing a daycare provider, it’s a good idea to review what socialization strategies and activities they have. If you are interviewing a facility, make sure to ask the following:

• What playtime activities do you coordinate to promote socialization?

• How do you manage conflict between children so that they learn how to communicate, compromise, and get along?

• What social skills do you believe are most important to teach children?

• What are the age ranges of the children currently attending daycare?

• How do you encourage communication between the children?

A good daycare provider will be able to answer those questions and provide you with information about their socialization programs and methods.

At Little Steps Daycare, our early childhood development team works on a variety of activities designed to promote socialization. We offer plenty of games, educational experiences, and activities that help children develop social skills easily and naturally. We also provide ways for those who don’t feel like socializing sometimes to have a bit of a break when needed. To learn more, give us a call today and we’ll happily discuss all of our development programs and answer any questions about how we support your child’s growth.